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Glitter and Grime

Photo by Allen on

Bathed in golden glitter, 

I prowl the darkness once again

The dim glow of street lights wraps around me

As I head to the next club, my porcelain skin

Gleaming in the pitch black of night

Upon arrival, they already know my name, 

Chanting it for the next door pubs to hear, 

Cheering it like I’m a hero who’s just returned home

At their behest, I spend the entire night dancing, 

Fueling my legs with shot after shot

Of cheap, watery whiskey

It burns as it slides down, like liquid fire

But as long as it keeps the party going, 

I can’t bring myself to care

The night passes in a blur of unknown bodies

And sweat dripping down flushed skin

As I continue to weave and spin

At the stroke of midnight, 

My reign comes to a melancholy end

I set off on the long, lonely journey home, 

To wipe off all the glitter and grime once again

© 25 June 2020, by Haley Scully


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