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Advent of Spring

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With the advent of spring, 

Vibrant and exuberant shades of green

Return to bless the world with their beauty

Flowers bloom joyfully, spots of color

Strewn throughout fields of weaving grass

Their petals scatter amid a subtly sweet fragrance,  

Carried and caressed on a gentle breeze

That winds through clear crystalline air, 

Like fingers brushing across the earth

With the advent of spring, 

Nature returns, bringing all its whimsical beauty in tow, 

And bestowing all with utmost mirth

© 14 March 2021, by Haley Scully

It’s March 20 today, which means spring is finally here! The advent of spring, indeed! The winter months here were dreary, harshly cold, and dotted with sudden snow storms. Something about the season felt melancholy to me this year, maybe because of the cold, treacherous weather, maybe because of everything happening in the world. Or maybe it’s a mix of those factors.

Either way, I’m so excited that spring is here to bless us with its beauty and sunlight once again! After this winter, I’m beyond ready for warmer weather and to feel rays of sun beaming down on me. I’m looking forward to being greeted by the gentle chirping of birds as soon as I wake up each morning. I’m longing to see flowers blooming beautifully among the trees and gardens in my neighborhood. Spring is finally, finally here now, hopefully for a while!


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