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Spring Themed Haiku Collection – Lifestyle Ladies Blog Collab March 2021

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Spring is now officially here! I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited for the warm weather, beautiful scenery, and bountiful nature that comes along with the season. I can’t wait to enjoy all the wonderful parts of the next few months leading into summer! It might be because winter here seemed so much colder and dreary than usual, but I’m really feeling spring this year. So, I wrote up a collection of five spring themed haiku poems for you to enjoy! 

Pastel Paint (Haiku #1)

Cherry blossoms paint

The sky in shades of pastel

Picturesque spring day

© 14 March 2021, by Haley Scully

Bird Song (Haiku #2)

I wake to the sound

Of a gentle melody

The bird song greets me

© 14 March 2021, by Haley Scully

Blooming Joyfully (Haiku #3)

Subtly sweet scent drifts

Through, carried on a soft breeze

Flowers bloom in joy

© 14 March 2021, by Haley Scully

Vibrant Rainbow (Haiku #4)

Light rain scatters down

Watering a rainbow of 

Bright flowers below

© 23 March 2021, by Haley Scully

Day for Squirrels of Spring (Haiku #5)

Day begins anew

Squirrels dart through gold sunlight

Seeking bits of food

© 23 March 2021, by Haley Scully

This post is part of the Lifestyle Ladies Blog Collab, formerly known as the Blog Brew Collab! We’ve recently undergone a name change and rebranding, complete with a beautiful new logo! I think it’s great and hope you’ll enjoy it, too. Although we’ve had some changes, our focus is still to bring you amazing lifestyle related content each month of the year. The collab will still take place each month, with each blogger posting one of several days in a row. So, make sure to check out the seven other wonderful bloggers in this collab! They’re so talented and absolutely deserve the support. You can follow along with their blogs and posts at the links below!

Our theme for March was ‘Spring’, very fitting given that the season just officially started! 🌞🌷

Day 1 (March 20)-  Luce over at perselem

Day 2 (March 21)- Rhiannon over at mrssleejones

Day 3 (March 23)- Karalee over at talesofbelle

Day 4 (March 24)- This was my post! I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading!! 😊💕

Day 5 (March 25)- Kim over at chimmyville

Day 6 (March 26)- Jessie over at wandererandtraveller

Day 7 (March 27)- Beth over at thoughtsofarealredhead


21 thoughts on “Spring Themed Haiku Collection – Lifestyle Ladies Blog Collab March 2021”

  1. Aw, these are some lovely Spring haikus Hayley. I love the Spring vibes in each of them and it’s got me more excited for the season. My favourites are ‘Pastel Paint’ and ‘Vibrant Rainbow’.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so very much for reading and for the wonderful feedback!! It means a lot to me! 🤗💕 I’m glad you enjoyed the haikus and that they got you more into the spring spirit. That’s great to hear! 🌷


  2. I’m so excited for Spring because winter has been colder here too & it snowed many times (even the other week) so bring on the warm weather!
    I love your haikus & my favorites are Bird Song and Day for Squirrels of Spring

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, same here! Our winter became very cold and we had more snow than usual, so I’m feeling very much the same way. I want all the spring weather! 🌞 Thank you so, so much!! I really appreciate the kind words and feedback! 😄💗

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yep, it’s been about the same here! We have a few days of warm, sunny weather, just to revert back to cold, dreary weather again. But, I am very happy to say that we also haven’t had any snow. Which is good, because I’ve had about enough of it, haha! 😄🎶


    1. Thank you so very much!! Your kind words mean a lot to me! 😊 Haha, I suppose it just depends on the person! I’ve loved writing haiku ever since we covered it in my high school Creative Writing class, and regularly post haiku poetry. But, there are many types of poetry I haven’t even delved into, and there are some I struggle with. Thanks again for your lovely comment! 🌸

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It definitely pushed me to creative limits! And I guess that’s what we need as poets/writers.

        And you’re very welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I completely agree! It’s great for writers to go out of their comfort zone and push their creative limits every once in a while. I also want to branch out and try some new types of poetry soon! 😄

        Liked by 1 person

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