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Feline Friday #70 – Kitty Detectives!

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We’re finally in the spring season now, which means warmer weather will hopefully be on the way. I can say for sure that it’s already brought plenty of rain, though, at least where I live! In fact, it rained so much earlier this week that the basement drain couldn’t keep up with the continuous influx of water, and unfortunately, this led to the basement flooding. My brother and I spent a few hours scooping up water in cups and squeezing it out of towels in an attempt to stem the water flow. After this experience, I’m very happy to say my family now owns a wet-dry vacuum, haha. 😆

Anyway, the kitties were really alarmed by everything going on, and being the curious cats they are, had to come investigate. They kept going in and out of the basement, trying to figure out what was happening and what the heck we were doing. The kitties probably thought we’d finally completely lost it! Although this wasn’t a fun experience by any means, the cats definitely made it better and not quite as frustrating. It was so cute to see them looking all over the basement, scouring it for clues and thoroughly investigating the mysterious water. So, this just goes to show, cats really can make anything better! 😺💕

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