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Crimson Snow

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

Snow white and crimson red, 

Lucid shades of color bleeding together

A stark contrast between

My flesh and your fangs

© 6 April 2020, by Haley Scully

I just finished Season 3 of Castlevania, which was excellent. Now, I’m in the mood to write about vampires and other spooky things. That’s how this particular poem came about! I hope you enjoy it!

Also, give Castlevania a watch if you haven’t already! I’d highly, highly recommend it!

8 thoughts on “Crimson Snow”

    1. I’ve only played a few of the games, but would really like to check out more! They sound and look great. When I was a kid, I played one we had for the N64. We didn’t have a save pack for it, and I was terrible at the game, but still enjoyed it lol. 😁

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      1. I loved any game that didn’t have a timer. And Castevania was one of those games where I didn’t have to go along with the plot. I could go around and goof off and do what I wanted. And if I got tired of doing that, I’d go along with the plot, lol!

        I loved Metroid too. Pretty much for the same reasons.

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      2. Yeah, it’s always great when you can play a game at your own pace and just enjoy it. I love farming simulator games like Harvest Moon for the same reason! Sometimes, discovering all the little secrets in a game is more fun than the actual plot lol. I haven’t played much Metroid either, but it also looks really good. There are lots of classics I need to get around to playing!

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      3. I recommend both! Metroid can be tedious but it’s fun. You can’t go wrong with Castlevania 2 and Castlevania 4 for SNES.


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