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In Another Castle

Photo by Jeffrey Czum on

So sorry to say

The princess is not here now

Have to look elsewhere

Perhaps she’s in another

Castle, only time will tell

© 23 January 2021, by Haley Scully

You very well might be wondering what the heck this poem is about, which is definitely understandable. 😆 But if you’ve played some of the older Mario games or are familiar with them, you might have an idea what the inspiration for this piece was. In the older Mario video games, said plumber/hero would continuously make it to the castle at the end of each World to save Princess Peach, just to be told by Toad she was no longer in that castle anyway. This scene quickly became incredibly iconic, and is still referenced often today. And that scene is also what inspired this poem! I hope you enjoyed it! ✨🏰💗


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