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Feline Friday #75 – Just Kitties Enjoying Spring!

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Finally, warm weather is here, and my kitties are absolutely loving it! The forecast looks nice and sunny for the next several days, so I’m hoping the spring weather is here to stay this time. I know my cats are, too, because they’ve just loved basking in the recent sunlight! Lately, the top of the Mjau Haus tower has become Kash’s favorite spot to rest, and I have a strong hunch it might be because it’s right in front of a window, allowing him to soak up the sun while relaxing. 

Although fall is actually my favorite season, this time of year is always so wonderful to experience. And I love being able to see my kitties enjoy the warm sunlight, while intently watching as springtime critters roam about the yard in search of food. It’s plainly obvious that the cats adore this time of year, and I love that they get to bask in all its beauty once again. It also allows for some great photo opportunities, which is always good, too! 😸✨📸

Do your pets love the warmth and sunlight spring brings? Or do they prefer a different season? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear all about it! 🌞🌷

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