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Just a Bite

Photo by Artem Lysenko on Pexels.com

Fangs gleam in the dense shadows,

Snow white stained with copper crimson

Jaw gaping as unquenchable thirst takes over

Ruby eyes glisten like gems in the distance,

Tracking every single step, each tiny trace of movement

A hunter on the prowl for a satisfying meal, 

Waiting for the perfect moment to entrap its helpless prey

Beast of darkness stalks the dimly illuminated streets tonight, 

Just looking for a quick little bite

© 16 May 2021, by Haley Scully

My brother and I recently finished Season 4 of the Netflix animated show, Castlevania (which is excellent, by the way). Plus, we started watching the Blade trilogy and I just got my hands on a copy of Resident Evil Village, which features some very scary/pretty vampire ladies. So, I’m once again in a very vampire mood and felt like writing about them! Some of my earlier pieces have been inspired by vampires, and these mythical creatures continue to influence my writing. I hope you enjoy this poem!


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