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The Mermaid

Photo by Alexandra Karnasopoulos on

The mermaid rests on a ring of rocks, 

Sunlight glancing off her serpentine scales, 

A shimmering rainbow of color

In the distance, a woman walks alone, 

Drifting along the golden shore,

Long hair flowing in the breeze

Like a charcoal flag, 

Caressing sun-kissed skin 

With gentle breaths,

Forlorn expression, 

Aqua eyes ringed in shades of red

From too many tears shed

The beautiful mermaid watches 

Her lone love continue on, 

And how she longs to be the one,

The one to replace that frown

With a shining smile

The one to make those eyes sparkle

From joy rather than sadness

The one to be by her side, 

Entwined for an eternity

But, as much as the mermaid wishes, 

Her dream will never come true

For the two will always be separated

By land and sea, 

Respectively chained to each

© 16 August 2019, by Haley Scully


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