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Feline Friday #82 – Super Cute Kittens in the Backyard!

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We recently had new neighbors move in nextdoor, and they happen to have a cat that mostly stays outside. Unsurprisingly, this particular kitty happened to get pregnant and had a litter of kittens just several weeks ago. From time to time, we’d see the mama cat passing through our backyard with her kittens in tow. As of late, it seems the cats have settled in our yard permanently, though. We’ve begun seeing the kittens wandering around on a daily basis, searching for food and excitement.

The kittens are absolutely adorable and remind me of how our kitties were as tiny, floofy babies. Honestly, it’s scary to imagine them being outside all the time, though, especially with how hot the weather’s been lately. There have been plenty of storms the past couple weeks, too, so I always worry about them. If my family didn’t already have four cats and didn’t have to worry about the kittens bringing in anything from outside, we could look after them for a while. As things stand, I think we’re going to have to talk with our neighbors and find out what their plans are. These kittens deserve proper shelter and loving homes, after all! šŸˆšŸ’—

In the meantime, my family and I have been leaving food and water out for them. We may not be able to adopt the kittens outright, but we can at least care for them while we figure out what’s going on with the neighbors and if a local shelter can care for the cats. Here’s hoping everything will get straightened out soon and the kittens go to loving, forever homes! āœØ

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