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Feline Friday #84 – Zenny, the Blanket Burrower!

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

If you have any fur babies of your own, then you definitely know they each have a unique personality, complete with adorable (and sometimes) strange quirks. Well, for whatever reason, Zen loves to burrow under blankets with her humans. There have been many times when I was sitting on my bed to work, play video games, etc., and Zenny suddenly appeared, trying to shove my blanket away so she could curl up with me. It’s so cute and endearing that I always have to move the blanket and let her sit with me! 😻💗 

None of my other kitties ever do this. It’s just Zenny, haha! Her penchant for weaseling under the covers with us does lead to some very good (and cute) photo opportunities, though. For instance, I recently managed to snap these pictures of Zen when she curled up with me. Sooo cute! 😊

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