Emotions, Freestyle, Inner Thoughts, Poetry, Writing

Breathing an Inferno

Photo by Skully MBa on Pexels.com
Spew the tumultuous thoughts trapped in my mind,
Murky puddles of ebony ink pouring out
And splattering against the blank ivory pages
All the words I've never been able to say
Simmering under my skin, eager to erupt
The flames within broil as my emotions burn
Their embers lancing through my veins, flooding my blood, 
My hands grip the pencil and flow along, 
Bringing rivulets of fire with them
Just a few uneven strokes, and the lost letters form
Page after page fills, a manifestation of the intrusive words
Keeping me awake at night, nudging me to finally speak up 
Ever so gently, their blazing heat embraces my soul, urging me on
My fingers caress the sea of flames, breathing an inferno to life

© 24 July 2021, by Haley Scully


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