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Monday Motivation #93

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It’s easy to become discouraged seeing other people who can create art, play sports, make music, cook, and do a variety of other activities so well. You may feel as if you don’t measure up or have a special talent like they do. However, you’re brimming with certain talent and limitless potential. You just need to find the talents and skills that are right for you. Sure, you might not be a master chef or an excellent painter. But, there’s something you’re just as good at. Get out there, explore, and find it. ⚽📸🎨🎼🎭✏️🍝


11 thoughts on “Monday Motivation #93”

    1. Yes, very much agreed! Not everything we do has to be productive or use a talent. We also need to take time for ourselves, to just do things we genuinely enjoy and have fun with. We need to indulge the things that make us happy. I love your explanation about it and how we should enjoy the process without worrying too much about the final product. Those are very wise words. Thank you for reading my post and for leaving this lovely comment!

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      1. Awesome, good to hear you’re doing well! I’ve been busy lately, but good. I was having trouble juggling the blog with other responsibilities though, so I’m trying to post less and give myself more time for other things.

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