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Blog Update – Feline Friday Posts & My Schedule Going Forward

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Hi, I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe! I just wanted to share a quick update with you about the recent lack of Feline Friday posts, my blog schedule going forward, and a couple other things. First, a couple weeks ago, a bad thunderstorm hit my local community and took my household’s power out for a little while. Even after the electricity came back, our internet still wasn’t working. I love WordPress, but honestly, it can be a struggle for me to use even with a good internet connection. And with a small phone data plan, I knew it was going to take much longer than usual to post anything. 

In this particular week, I actually had the entire post written up and posted on my account as a draft. The only other component I needed was a few pictures, and I figured I’d be able to get those easily enough. But, that thunderstorm had other ideas. 😅 By the time our internet was fixed, it was Saturday afternoon and past my usual Feline Friday posting time. Throughout the next week, I completely lost track of time while dealing with work and other responsibilities. So, I ended up barely posting at all then. 

Going forward, I think I need to adopt a schedule that’s more suitable for me and puts less pressure/stress on me to post. I started this blog as a fun way to share my poetry and interests with others. I want it to stay fun and not get to the point it feels like a chore or more work. That said, I think posting three to four times a week will be much more manageable for me. I’m going to aim for that each week for a while and see how it goes. This will make it easier to ensure I have enough time to write and post my weekly feature posts (Monday Motivation and Feline Friday), along with one or two poems each week. 

I’m sorry for not posting anything for Feline Friday the past couple weeks. I really want to be better about that, and I’m going to try hard to make sure this actually happens. The new schedule should definitely help! If I happen to have enough free time or if there’s something I really want to talk about, there’s always a possibility I’ll post more throughout the week. 

I hope to be more consistent and successfully stick to a schedule from now on. I also hope you’ll continue to stick by me and Introverted Creativity! I truly appreciate all of those who’ve ever visited my blog, read my posts, and commented. It means so much to me and continuously gives me more motivation to write. I’ll see you in the next post! I’m wishing you all the absolute best! ✨💜✨ 


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