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Feline Friday #91 – Karma in the Spotlight!

My family and I like to say Karma has lots of swag, as he confidently struts around the house all day long. Although his immense swag may not be clear from pictures I’ve previously shared, Karma certainly is a handsome kitty. Today, I’m going to be sharing some adorable pictures I recently snapped of him. That way, you can see Karma in all his cute, handsome glory! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

The first several pictures are of Karma resting in a Cat Lady Box my mom got earlier this week. He wasn’t very interested in the actual items in the box, but the box itself was quite appealing. 😁 Karma sat in it for at least an hour or so, looking comfortable as could be. And the next set of pictures are from him reclining in this piece of home decor. Karma sat in this all the time as a kitten, and somehow, he can still fit perfectly. It’s so incredibly adorable and endearing! 😍🎢🐱


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