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Feline Friday #93 – All the Adorable Kitty Costumes!

Photo by Anna Shvets on

In recent months, I’ve realized just how much the selection of pet costumes has expanded over the years. There was a time my family could barely find any costumes for our kitties, and even when we could, there was so little to choose from. These days, most retailers have numerous costumes and accessories you can buy for your precious fur babies. I’ve seen sombreros, pumpkin caps, bat wings, robot costumes, vampire capes, and much more. 🎃🎩👿 Just a couple weeks ago, I even saw a cute cowboy costume for reptiles! It’s truly amazing how much more variety there is now. 

This realization made me think there’s a chance I could finally have matching costumes for my kitties. Or, maybe even different costumes from the same franchise. We could have our kitties dressed up as a full cast of characters, which would be awesome! Last fall, I posted about my family’s idea to dress our cats as Super Mario Bros characters, and with recent costume selections, I’m thinking it might actually be possible. Maybe someday, at least! 😊👍 To me, that would be the ultimate kitty costume ensemble, so I’ll continue waiting and hoping! 😄👻💕

Do you have any Halloween costumes picked out or ready for your fur babies? Are you also hoping to have a full ensemble of costumes or matching outfits for your pets? Have you dressed your babies up for Halloween before, and if so, how did it go? I’d love to hear all about it! ✨


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