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Feline Friday #94 – A Halloween Themed Candy Shop for Kitties!

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

If you’ve been following along with my Feline Friday posts for a while now, you may have read about the taco truck scratcher house I got for my cats recently. Sadly, the taco truck hit hard times and ended up crumbling into ruin (yes, this is a very dramatic retelling of what actually happened πŸ˜‚). Shortly after that, Halloween themed scratcher houses started to appear on the websites and in the stores of various retailers. Being a huge fan of Halloween myself, I immediately began looking through these for a scratcher house to replace the taco truck one. And I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest bit! There were so many fun, adorable, and festive options that it was honestly hard to choose just one. πŸ˜…πŸŽΆ

In the end, I chose this incredibly cute Halloween candy shop themed house! πŸšοΈπŸ¬πŸŽƒπŸ‘» Like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love Halloween, so I adore pretty much everything about this spooky little shop too. My kitties also seem to love it, which is the most important thing! πŸ’— They were very curious the entire time my brother was putting it together, and when the house was finally ready, my fur babies tried it out right away. As fun as manning a taco truck was, the kitties have now moved on and will be running a candy shop instead! πŸ˜„ You can check out some pictures of it below!Β 


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