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Apple Orchard

Photo by Tom Swinnen on
I bound along the towering trees, 
Their wooden limbs adorned with perfect scarlet jewels 
And intertwining into a beautifully twisted patchwork 
A subtle scent winds through the soft breeze, 
Carrying slight sweetness and the crispness of fresh autumn apples
Gingerly, I pluck one from an outstretched branch, 
Feeling its cold, smooth skin in my little hands
Famished, I finally crunch into deep red flesh, 
Mouth bursting with refreshing saccharine flavor
Other children exclaim as they wander by, gripping onto their parents
Wide eyes twinkle like tiny stars and lips stretch into gleeful grins
As I take another bite of the apple, my  mouth also warps into a warm smile
I bask in another lovely day at the orchard

© 25 September 2021, by Haley Scully


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