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Feline Friday #22 – The Best of Friends!

Kash and Karma settling down for a nap together!

I’ve always found the bond between animals to be incredibly sweet and endearing. You hear stories about cats and dogs becoming the best of friends, dogs fostering little kittens and vice-versa, and the list goes on. All around us, there are precious animals banding together and helping one another despite overwhelming odds. They really are the best. 

Fortunately, I’ve witnessed this with my own cats, too. They often cuddle and rest together throughout the house. It’s usually our two male cats, Karma and Kash, bundling up with each other. They also happen to be brothers, so they already had a close bond from the moment they were born. It is much more rare to catch either of our female cats resting with one of the other kitties. But, that makes it all the more precious when it does happen. 😸

In a rare turn of events, Zen chills with Karma!
The kitty bros, at it again!
Zen and Kash, an unlikely match!

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