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Photo by suju on Pixabay.com

Connected by the crimson thread
Of an unknown fate,
Two souls tethered as one,
But separated by the world
With the onset of destiny,
Comes a longed for reunion,
A chance to taste freedom
Chained together in a haphazard dance,
Two halves finally separate,
Severing the tie between them

ยฉ 19 January 2020, by Haley Scully

Last weekend, I finally got around to watching Us, the most recent film from Jordan Peele. I really like the concept behind the movie. It’s very cool, unique, and unlike any other film I’ve seen. There is truly something special to it.

I’ll admit, there are aspects that could’ve been executed better, and I agree that the trailers reveal a bit too much. However, I still genuinely enjoyed Us. It even kept my dad glued to the screen, which is very rare. The film even moved me to write this poem. I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch!

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