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Feline Friday #88 – A Cute Taco Truck for Cute Kitties!

The new ( and super adorable) taco truck scratcher! 😄

If you’ve been reading my Feline Friday posts for a while, you may remember I bought a Valentine’s Day themed kitty castle for my cats to lounge in and scratch at. Well, as adorable as the castle was, the fierceness of four cats was a bit much for it. And about a month ago, it really started falling apart, to the point the castle could’ve been dangerous for our kitties. So, we finally had to get rid of it and set our sights on a new scratcher house. Luckily, Target had this absolutely adorable taco truck themed house that I immediately fell in love with! The design is super cute, and this house has quite a bit more space than the castle did, so I thought it would be perfect for my precious kitties.

It turns out I was right about that! We haven’t had it long, but the cats already seem to love it and spend lots of time lounging in their little truck (making yummy fish tacos for their kitty friends, I like to imagine). 😸🐟🌮 My fur babies like the truck so much they’ve already taken a toll on it, just like with the Valentine’s Day castle. For some reason, Bell likes biting chunks of cardboard/paper off of various things, and the taco truck is no exception. She’s already mauled it, haha! 😂🎶 I suppose this is also a lesson to myself that I need to take pictures right away next time. 😅

Anyway, please enjoy the pictures I did manage to get! Also, let me know what you think of the taco truck in the comments below! I think it’s so, so cute, and all the little details are really nice. 💕


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