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Feline Friday #28 – A New Cat Tree!

Our old cat tree was getting a bit ragged (as is very possible with four kitties shredding it up every day), so we decided to buy a new one. Here it is! As you can see in the pictures below, the cats are already enjoying it, with Kash and Zen being the biggest fans. 

I love to see my kitties enjoying toys, playsets, and treats; whatever it happens to be, it’s always so wonderful to see them having fun and indulging themselves. I’ve already seen Kash lounging on the new tree, leisurely stretched across it, and Zen hiding out in the cubby holes, looking so at ease. The other cats have checked the tree out, too, but just briefly. Like I said earlier, Kash and Zenny adore it. They’ve spent so much time resting on various parts of the tree, and we just assembled it a couple days ago. So it seems we have another fond addition in the house!

I think Zen likes the new tree so much because it’s much smaller and more compact than the last one. She’s always preferred areas of the house that are higher up and more enclosed, as being around the other cats for too long often makes her feel anxious. With this tree, Zen can still be high up and remain hidden in the smaller compartments as well. I believe Kash prefers this tree for similar reasons. Plus, he loves to bat at the fluffy blue jingle ball in the middle cubby! 

Whatever the exact reasons are, I’m so glad my kitties adore the new cat tree. It was a worthwhile purchase, for sure! And you can check out more adorable pictures below to see just how much Kash, Zen, and the other kitties are enjoying their new playground! 


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