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Photo by Elina Sazonova on Pexels.com
Deep down, I love you
Even deeper down, 
I know you're unhealthy for me, 
A parasite latching on, 
Draining every bit of life
From my fragile body
Your hand grips mine, 
Too tightly, bones threatening
To snap into dust
That same hand, 
Holding me back, 
Forcing me down, 
For all these years
Our fingers entwined, 
Binding me for life
No longer, I refuse
To be your trophy, 
A tool for you to use
Even though you're a monster, 
I forgive you
Even though my heart
Burns with resentment, 
Boils with hate, 
I forget you
Without you, 
I take a hold of my life,
Once again
This time, 
I won't let go

© 27 May 2019, by Haley Scully

18 thoughts on “Without”

    1. I can’t say I’ve ever been in a situation like the one the poem tells, but I think there can be many different reasons this type of relationship goes on. I also think that once women, or really anyone, are involved in a toxic relationship like this, it’s difficult to break away. Even if the people involved are aware their relationship is unhealthy/toxic, I believe there are still lingering feelings of love from early on. I’m sure there are also cases where one person doesn’t have any feelings of love for the other, and I feel people may not want to leave that type of situation because they don’t want to accept it, or they might be afraid of being alone/without the other person. I imagine it’s a very painful situation to be in. With this poem, though, the wronged person does leave in the end and starts moving on from their toxic relationship. So, I like to think there is a chance for people to free themselves from poor relationships like this one and start to heal in real life.

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      1. Ahhh ok!

        I’ve seen gorgeous inside and out women destroy themselves over toxic guys. It even hurt me. They’d tell me to never change but they wouldn’t want me. They seemed determined to have something that didn’t want them

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      2. Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of women end up with men who don’t treat them with respect and are just generally toxic. Even out of the people I know, there are quite a few women who have been in toxic/abusive relationships at some point. It does hurt to see them go through that and keep putting up with it, especially since they’re such amazing women and deserve so much better. You always want better for them, but sometimes, they just stick with the toxic person. I can definitely understand how that hurt you, too.

        Most of what I know about this type of relationship I’ve learned from people I know who’ve been through it. I’ve also had to see many people go through it, even some friends back in high school. Unfortunately, it’s a big psychological thing where the victim is constantly manipulated and guilted even though they aren’t really the problem. But, the toxic person in the relationship makes them feel that way. I even know of some situations where children have been used to threaten the victim into staying with the toxic person. It’s really sad and heartbreaking to see what some of these women suffer through.

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      3. Aww, thank you! I do have high standards lol. Plus, I’m not really interested in relationships at the moment, so I think I’m good for the time being. I’m happy just spending time with my family, hanging out with my cats, and playing video games, haha. After all I’ve heard and seen other people go through, I’m definitely going to try to avoid that type of behavior or remove myself as soon as I notice it.

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      4. I’m good. I did deadlifts and sit-ups yesterday and my knees are swollen and my feet hurt. I’m too young to be so old 🤦‍♂️🤪

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